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Our very own Diana J. Huntsman has answered many on-line questions about divorce and the process of divorce and you can read them at Feel free to contact her or any of our other attorneys for any legal needs you may have.

Here are some of the divorce questions that you will find answers for on our page (Be sure to return here for any help you need with a divorce):

  • I have filed for a motion to show cause that my husband has not paid alimony for 7 months
  • Can I be awarded any of my husbands money if we do not have a joint banking account?
  • Can I pay marital debt off with house proceeds before divorce is final?
  • What happens to the retirement funds I was awarded from my wife in our divorce if she dies before she collects her retirement ?
  • How long is a temporary custody agreement valid for?
  • Do I get equity in our home if my husband owned the house before our marriage?
  • Can my husband that I’m divorcing legally take my truck if he is no where on the loan or registration?

If you need a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area, Huntsman | Lofgran | Walton pllc is ready to listen and help you through the process.

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